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Dr. Prakash's
Diabetes Speciality Hospital

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Dr. Prakash's
Diabetes Speciality Hospital


Dr. Prakash's
Diabetes Speciality Hospital

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Dr. A. S. Prakash is one of the best diabetes doctor in Patna who spread awareness about diabetes and help people manage their sugar level so that they can live a healthy life.

Best Diabetes Doctor in Patna

Dr. Prakash's
Diabetes Speciality Hospital

Dr. Prakash Diabetes Speciality Hospital is a specialty care diabetes Centre with state-of-the-art technology and best diabetes doctor in Patna. Being one of the top-notch diabetes hospital in Patna, Bihar, the hospital provides sophisticated and specialized medical services at affordable costs in Diabetes and its related specialties. The hospital is lead by Dr. A. S. Prakash, a senior diabetologist in Patna, and he ensure that the best in healthcare services is given to all our patients. They are ably supported by well-trained technical and nursing personnel and have at their service the latest equipment The facilities available are on par with any modern clinical care facility anywhere in the India.

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Special High-quality Services

We have a team of experienced diabetologist in Patna, who give more and personalised care to Young patients who are type 1 DM who requires insulin titrations.
Type 1 DM patients Around 15 type 1 Diabetics also get benefitted. We have a highly skilled team of diabetes doctor in Patna who are dedicated
to providing the best treatment for sugar under the guidance of Dr. A. S. Prakash. We don't only suggest medicine to control sugar, our diabetologists also provide a complete diet chart and exercise routine which is helpful to manage sugar levels in the blood. So, if you are also searching for the best diabetes doctor in Patna who takes care of your sugar level, we are the best option for you.

Diabetes OPD

We have a dedicated wing for diabetes OPD ensuring proper focus on the issues of patients.

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OBS & Gyne OPD

A dedicated gynae OPD is established for female diabetic patients and their reproductive health.

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Diabetes Foot Clinic

A well established foot clinic is in the hospital to assist the diabetic patient to stay healthy.

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Diabetes Eye Clinic

Diabetes affects various parts of the body differently and eyes are a vital part, this wing takes care of it.

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Our Dedicated Doctors Team

Our team of doctors and staffs educate the patients and their families to adopt healthy lifestyle and also give proper education
about balanced diet and exercises modules which can help patients to achieve glycemic target. We have experienced and
best diabetologist in Patna whose one and only aim is to help diabetic patient to live a healthy life.


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